About Us

Hello. My name is Dawn. I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a medium, an empath, a healer, a helper, a spiritualist and a human being. It has only been very recently that I have “officially” begun my Spiritual journey.

When I was young, I had several unexplained things happen and just brushed it off as we are conditioned to do. I learned to ignore and push aside things that happened to me. As I grew up, I developed an affinity for Tarot cards thanks to my Aunt Dee. As I studied more and gained more insight, I got really good. After giving a reading to some friends, my former husband took my cards and threw them into the fire. It was at that time that I lost all hope for ever being able to do something that I enjoyed so much that helped people at the same time. It should have been a win win. But as things in life always seem to go, Spirit had another plan.

Fast forward 20 years. New state, new husband, an entire new life. As we are sitting on the couch watching one of our favorite paranormal shows, the medium makes a statement about an empath living in the house. My husband asked the question, what’s an empath just as the medium gave the definition. He paused the show and his jaw was hitting the floor. He turned to me and said, she just explained my entire life.

At this point I begin to say to myself, Self.. (I knew it was me because it was my voice and I was wearing my own under ware…), as I was saying… I said “Self, could this be truly happening?” , “Could this be the start of the life we have always dreamed of”, “Is this really real?”. As my husband continued to explain, I knew right then and there that the answers to all of the above were YES!

And so on the chilly night in January of 2020 our spiritual journey began…. together.

I look forward to sharing my gifts with each of you and getting to know you all. Thank you for stopping by.