Over my 43 years of life, I have always believed in spirts and life after death. I have believed there are something bigger than what we know, do not know or think we might know. I have always known that there are things science can’t always explain. Things the Bible does not talk about. Some of those things are; how certain individuals can develop psychic abilities to communicate with spirits and to be at one with the universe. I first met Dawn spring of 2021. We shall just call it Devine intervention. Both of us ended up in the same spot even though our initials plans would never have allowed us to meet. I asked Dawn to give me a reading with tarot cards. Now mind you, I have never met her before and we never talked about my past 42 years of life. She gave me a past, present and future reading. As she was telling me what the cards had to say, it blew my mine on how accurate they were. She gave me great insight into my near future at the time and a year later, it became excellent insight and advice. I was so amazed at her abilities, I asked her to give a reading on my wife and my daughter. Once again, she was spot on with their past and present. Dawn was even able to let me know about the spirits that are hanging around my family. Spirits I sensed from time to time, but did not know who they were. Over the last year, even with 1000’s of miles apart, I have been able to chat with Dawn over zoom. She has always been insightful into my life. Her current reading this past week was more of a general update as to what has happened in my life and what I can expect in the near future. I love our chats and I look forward to an awesome continuation in our sessions moving forward. – JW 3/17/22