Healing Auras and Chakras Workshop at Fellowships of the Living Spirit

Please make sure you mark your calendars for this wonderful event! You will get an in-depth look at your Chakra energy centers as well as a greater understanding of how our Aura color impacts our personalities as well as our day to day life. Additionally you will be given your own personalized Auragraph photo that is included in the 15 page report. Reserve your spot soon as space is limited! Please follow the link to register today!


Perceptions are very interesting things. As an example…. In a group of three people. Person number one is exhibiting outward emotions. Person number two sees those emotions as someone who is hurting and needs empathy and grace. Person number three sees those emotions as someone who is angry and needs to be calmed down and redirected. Perceptions. Funny thing is, both perceptions could be right, or both could be wrong. Where I feel we go wrong as a society and do a disservice to our fellow humans is by not just doing the very simple task of…. asking.

We all get caught up in the idea of what we think is going on or more accurately what we believe is going on. Sometimes it is better just to stop and ask. “How are you today?”. I have never claimed to be perfect, nor will I ever claim to be. What I will say is that I never stop trying. I make mistakes. All the dang time. But I still keep trying. That is what my wish is for you. At least keep trying. For as long as you are trying then this old rock we are all spinning on still has a chance.

Love and Blessings,