Agree to Disagree

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” ~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

The only way that any of us are ever going to be able to agree on anything is to agree to disagree. I realize how crazy and convoluted that sounds, but it really is true. I used to tell my kids when they were younger that it is wonderful how different everyone in the world is, how boring would it be if everyone was exactly the same??!

The part that we all need to get back to, is that it is ok for each of us to have our own opinions about each and every topic. It is okay to be passionate about those feelings and even try to convince others to an extent, as to why we feel the way we feel. But what is NOT okay, is to demean, degrade, insult or become violent, when someone’s views and opinions differ from our own.

I was reading a Facebook post the other day, which happened to be a in Spiritualist group. The topic was regarding a question that was asked on if the group believed in Spirit communication and visits from loved ones after death. A gentleman who did NOT believe, vehemently responded to EACH AND EVERY comment made in support of such beliefs. His comments were all based in religious beliefs and he made several references and quotes to several bible versus.

Now I will be very honest here, I was getting very angry and upset, as were many other individuals at this individual. Most of his responses were very much “fire and brimstone” type of responses. Until one gentleman responded back to him which made me stop and think. This was several days ago and I can not quote you his exact words, but his response to this gentleman was in validation of this man’s beliefs, with understanding of the differences of opinions being presented and he even thanked the man for providing the references that he did. This man did go on to state that while the man was not changing his beliefs as he was a Spiritualist and had many experiences with deceased loved ones personally, moreover, being a Spiritualist meant being accepting of everyone’s higher beliefs and the God of their Understanding.

Now friends, this made me stop and actually almost feel ashamed of myself for a few moments. This man vocalized the epitome of the life that I am trying to uphold myself to and I had just been sitting in judgement of this “bible thumper”. I also then had to realize, that every single solitary time that I have tried to walk on water, I HAVE SANK. Yep, no perfection here for me.

So why am I writing all of this here for you on my first blog? Because I want you to know that we are all human, we all make mistakes, we are all learning each and every day. That is the part that makes us special. Those are the parts of myself and my journey that I am excited to share with everyone. Thank you for reading. Until next time. Love, Light and Blessings. Dawn…

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